PTGLweb structural motif overview

A motif is a common supersecondary structure. A motif consists of only a few SSEs, and it may occur in protein chains with very different functions. This server implements motif detection in protein graphs based on the linear notations of folding graphs.
MotifTypeMotif abbreviationChains with motif in the database (of 505337 chains total)Short info on motif
Four Helix Bundlealpha4helix67264helix info
Up and Down Barrelbetabarrel1810barrel info
Globin Foldalphaglobin3280globin info
Immunoglobin Foldbetaimmuno12397immuno info
Jelly Rollbetajelly5346jelly info
Beta Propellerbetapropeller4718propeller info

Motif info

Alpha motifs

Four Helix Bundle

The Four Helix Bundle is a protein motif which consists of four alpha helices which arrange in a bundle. There are two types of the Four Helix Bundle which differ in the connections between the alpha helices. The first type of the Four Helix Bundle is all antiparallel and the second type has two pairs of parallel helices which have an antiparallel connection.
Found 6726 times in the current database.

Globin Fold

The Globin Fold is an alpha helix structure motif which is composed of a bundle, consisting of eight alpha helices, which are connected over short loop regions. The helices do not have a fixed arrangement, but the last two helices in sequential order are antiparallel.
Found 3280 times in the current database.

Beta motifs

Up-and-down barrel

The up-and-down barrel is composed of a series of antiparallel beta strands which are connected via hydrogen bonds. There are two major families of the up-and-down barrel, the ten-stranded and the eight-stranded version.
Found 1810 times in the current database.

Immunoglobin fold

The immunoglobulin fold is a two-layer sandwich. Usually, it consists of seven antiparallel beta strands, arranged in two beta sheets. The first is composed of four and the second of three strands. Both are connected via a disulfide bond to build the sandwich.
Found 12397 times in the current database.

Beta Propeller

This beta motif contains between four and eight beta sheets, which are arranged around the center of the protein. Each sheet is formed by four antiparallel beta strands. One sheet makes up one of the propeller blades. To build a four-bladed propeller, for example, four of these sheets are grouped together.
Found 4718 times in the current database.

Jelly Roll

The Jelly Roll motif has a barrel structure, which seems like a jelly roll. The barrel includes eight beta strands, which build a two-layer sandwich of four strands.
Found 5346 times in the current database.